Monday, 6 April 2015


I stumbled across something today that first seemed like an almost unachievable project, but the idea grew on me, and grew, and now I sort of feel like I've been sucked in. I fell across The 100 Day Project by chance, and luck, and now I'm committing to it.

What is it? It's a project that unites creatives (and non-creative types, because everyone can get involved in this) with the intention of completing an action for 100 consecutive days. The action can be any type of creation - writing a page of a story, taking a photograph, writing a poem, writing a line of a song, drawing with your eyes closed etc. The awesome thing about all of this, apart from engaging in a fun activity one hundred times, is that you're part of an online community of people who are all doing the same thing for the fun of it. 

For me, creating is important, and I feel like I've been missing it recently. I used to write a lot, and I used to do a lot of photography, and I refuse to let both hobbies slip away. And if you're going to do something, you might as well go big or go home, right? So for the next 100 days, I'm going to take a photograph and upload it to my newly-created Instagram with the hashtag:


Occasionally, I'll blog about my progress and some of the things I've been creating, but the main bulk of it will be over on Instagram. I'll also be uploading some of the photography to my Flickr account, but in a slower, more casual sense as I've got a lot of photos from my trip to America to get up there (a post about that is coming very, very soon!).

The project starts today! (6th April) and runs until 14th July. Happy creating!

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