Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Goodbye House 42 (pt.2) (+Cookies!)

Following on from my first post, here's the second and final part of saying goodbye to House 42. These are some shots I took last week when my friend Camellia came to visit. She lived in the house for around 6/7 months before leaving as she quit her course and is starting a new one in the summer. I wanted to capture the house in its 'natural' state, so here's a look inside student accommodation...

My Bedroom

Continuing on from Part 1, here are some more shots of my room.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Goodbye House 42 (pt.1)

I'm writing this on my very last evening in House 42, which has been my home at university for the past 9 months. I have lived here with 9 other wonderful people, and we've had parties, we've baked cookies, watched films together, played poker, had sleepovers in each others rooms, and had two awesome roast dinners. I am so sad to leave.

This is the first time I've ever left a place I've loved knowing I'm never going to come back. There are places I have been on holiday, for example, that I have been sad to leave and that I want to go back to, but it's okay, because I know that one day I can go back. But I'm never going to live in this little, awesome bedroom again and that's sad.

So I thought I'd document the house before I go. Most of my things have been taken back home, and during the past week I've taken some photos on my Canon, but I took some more photos on just my phone today, and until I can get to my 70D, these will have to do! So, presenting, just a few shots of House 42:

This is my bedroom door. Room D!

I've loved decorating my room! Here's my Rocky Horror photo and some photos of me and my friends on the left, and me and Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on the right (so I can see it when I wake up in the mornings!)

Here are some more posters on the opposite wall.

This is the view outside my bedroom window!

And this is my wall calendar. The pink crosses mark every single day I have lived here.

Goodbye House 42. You will be missed.