Friday, 4 April 2014

House 42 Easter Roast Dinner

Edit (11 March 2015): I'm still annoyed by that photo above because it includes all of us who were living at House 42 apart from one person. We took a similar photo during our Christmas roast dinner, but that was also missing one person, so we never actually got a photo that had all of us in it. I'm the girl at the bottom left in the blue dress, and Camellia, who I mention in this post below, is the person to the right of me in the pink dress. To the right of her is Emily, to the right of her is Sarah, to the right of her is Raphael and at the far right is Mat. The person on the back row behind me is Abey, to the right of him is Fahmi and to the right of him is Lawrence. Then there should be Tom, but he'd left to go out at this point. #rude

After the success of our Christmas roast (which I will have to do a post on in the future) we decided to have a House 42 Easter Roast before we all leave for a month. It happened to coincide with Camellia's last evening living at 42, so it was part awesome and part melancholy, but overall the perfect meal. It's not often we get everyone in the house together at once.

We tried to persuade Camellia to give a speech, and here you can see her eyes pleading with me to stop trying:

I should probably apologise to my house for the number of spontaneous speeches I've delivered (poorly) over the last week.

Me and Camellia bought little Easter treat bags for everyone with some chocolates and sweeties, and here's Emily with her chick bag!!

Like we did after our Christmas roast, and now what seems to be becoming a post-roast tradition, we played some poker to end a lovely evening.

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