Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Goodbye Dinner Party

Edit (11 March 2015): I'm looking back now and thinking the order I did some of these posts in was crazy. This dinner party was held by a friend back home before a few of us, after taking gap years or the equivalent of, left for university. At this point I was leaving to study English Literature and Creative Writing. Most of these friends were people who I went to secondary school with.

On the 20th September 2013, Evie hosted a dinner party before some of us left for Uni. Here are the photos I took from the yummy meal.

If it wasn't weird and if I was rich, I would hire Evie to cook meals for me every day. 

Alien Mind-Reading Prevention

Edit (11 March 2015): This is one weird post. We did a lot of weird things in House 42 now I think back, and had a lot of fun along the way. The weird things probably happened because we were a mixed bunch of people with no television and lots of opportunities to have fun in our newfound freedom. Who says we can't create an anti-thoughtreading alien hat like the one from the film 'Signs' and wear it on our heads? Nobody. This post was written during my first year of university when I was studying English Literature and Creative Writing.

Here are some unpublished photos from 19th November 2013 at House 42, featuring the Alien Mind-Reading Prevention foil hat:

I think it's clear from some of these photos that some of my housemates don't always appreciate my camera! 

I'm clearly lovin' the hat...

Thankfully no thoughts were read by aliens that day.

Photo Dump 1

Edit (11 March 2015): A mix of photos here, most of which were taken in the kitchen at House 42 during my first year of studying an English degree.

Here is a small collection of random images from House 42 (the majority taken of us drinking and playing ring of fire):

And I'll leave this one here for funsies:

Friday, 28 March 2014

House 42 Valentine's Party

Edit (11 March 2015): Thinking back this was probably our third big house event. Apart from freshers week, which is a league all on its own where we had random people over all the time it felt like, our first house party was for Halloween and we went crazy with the decorations for that one. It took me and Camellia, with some help from Tom, days. On one day me and Camellia spent like 5 hours cutting up black binliners and hanging them from the ceiling. It was fun. After that we had our Christmas roast dinner which was really great, and then this Valentine's party was our next proper party. We had a lot of predrinking events at other times during the year (not a stretch to say once a week we had one of these) but these parties had more time and effort put into them. As a side note, I mention below my 'House 42 documentary'. I loved living there, and the people I was living with, so much I started to make an amateur documentary around the house. It's complete, badly edited, and was a lot of fun. This post was written during my first year of studying for an English degree.

House 42 had its Valentine's bash on Thursday the 13th of February 2014, and here are the results! All photos apart from the one above are stills captured from my House 42 documentary, recorded in very low light, so they're not the highest quality sometimes. Still, enjoy!!